Hardcore Filling of Ring Space

in endless Pipelines laid inside Galleries
International patents for system and procedures are pending.

System Advantages
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Advantages of Pipelines constructed in the tunnel method

  • Disasterproof placement in underground (30-100 m depth)
  • Earthquakeproof
  • Long lifetime of pipelines >100 years
  • Short lengths of lines
  • No extensive approval procedures required
  • Limited real servitude
  • Work at central points only
  • No interferences from outside
  • Extensive storage volume
  • Easy to operate due to favourable hydraulic conditions

Advantages of the Hardcore Filling Procedure

  • Optimal placement qualities due to a continuous cycle of pipeline construction allowing even for round-the-clock operation.
  • As the filling performance exceeds by far the daily progress in pipeline construction the filling process can start at a much later time.
  • No disposal of excessive filling material. Subsequent pressing
    and filling are done simultaneously at regular times.
  • Cleaning requirements are minimal.
  • Staff requirement is low.
  • The construction period is sharply reduced.
  • The costs of pipeline construction and hardcore filling are brought down considerably.


Experiences from previously completed projects are showing the following:

The system and procedures are extremely economical and can be applied for all kinds of pipes. Operations can be prepared as required on the construction site. Constant supervision is required, however.


The system and procedures are highly attractive for investors in the field of supplies.

We consider pipeline construction and hardcore filling of the ring space as an integrated concept offering a great potential for substantial improvement and extended lifetime of the pipeline gallery. The economic advantages and the high pipeline quality remain on the side of the investor provided our office is involved already in the planning stage of your construction project.