Hardcore Filling of Ring Space

in endless Pipelines laid inside Galleries
International patents for system and procedures are pending.

System Advantages
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Description of Method

The hardcore filling of the ring space starts from the roof section of the pipeline in the gallery. The supply line for the hardcore filling lies in the base of the pipeline. The ring space is divided into defined sections already during pipeline construction. Compression lines are to be fitted into the gallery in the head sections of the galleries. When the pipeline is set up over the corresponding length the supply lines for the hardcore filling are connected in the head section of the pipeline. The ring space is filled into the sections in a way that the pipeline floats up. Additional filling layers provide a generous wrapping cover. This leads to largely stress-free imbedding of the pipeline in the hardcore filling. With the last filling process air and water are completely displaced from the individual section. Subsequent settlements of the hardcore filling are pressed through the remaining lines above the ring space. The in-take opening in the head section of the pipeline is sealed according to the pressure phase. The ring space of the endless pipeline is filled in a continuous process.